west ham

West Ham 1 - 0 Arsenal

By Laurie Laker

Leno 6

His distribution still really bothers me, particularly his kicking, for a keeper who’s supposed to be a modern, outfielder-in-goal sort of keeper. Nothing doing with their goal, mind you.

Sokratis: 6.5

Had a classic “got stuck in” moment when he went through the back of Andy Carroll late on, which will have pleased the “yer da” quota of the viewing figures. Fine, otherwise, but not a day to look back on.

Koscielny: 6.5

Fitness returning, but has clearly lost a few yards of pace when getting to lose balls in the box. Not awful, overall.

Mustafi: 5.5

Mustafi is always going to Mustafi but it wasn’t his worst day, either. Lazy tackle for his booking – was never, ever getting there in a million days. Tried to play some of those line-breaking balls out from the back, rarely came off – much like everything else we tried today, to be honest.

Maitland-Niles: 6.5

Looked lively early on as the match got off to a flying start. That early influence faded quickly, and soon struggled to involve himself in the game. Not his greatest day for passing, either, giving West Ham the ball more often than some of the ball boys.

Xhaka: 5.5

Barely noticed he was playing for most of the match, save for his abysmal clearance that lead to their goal. Tried defending, and did so to an okay level, but the real crime today was how he failed to impose himself on the midfield and play in our two strikers.

Guendouzi: 5

He’ll get better, but today was not one of his better days. Was involved often early on, like a lot of our forward-minded players. He’s 19, so his decision making is often lackluster, and today was one of those days – played the wrong ball a lot, etc.

Kolasinac: 6

Defended really well, a bit of a shift from his usual attacking-only involvement. Combined well with Iwobi, but for once he couldn’t find a killer cross or pass into the box for our finishers.

Iwobi: 6

*Insert platitude here about being a trier* 

Joking aside, he did try. A lot. It just rarely came off. He was centimeters from an equalizer that we didn’t deserve, and drove forward at every opportunity. Frustrating day for him, as his colleagues in the front three offered little help in the way of linkup or passing options.

Aubameyang: 5

Missed a decent chance today in a game where we created so few. Barely involved otherwise, and when he was his touch wasn’t good and he offered little to his fellow striker. It was an off day for him, and many others.

Lacazette: 6

First 15 minutes, played like a man possessed. Faded afterwards, but had most shots of anyone in the side today and that – I suppose – counts for something. Not much happening with his strike partner, and his play suffered for it. Was repeatedly frustrated by the midfield’s lack of passing production, rightly so.


Ramsey: 7 (for Mustafi, 59)

Immediately involved in creating options. At this point, while I understand that Emery doesn’t necessarily know where he best fits and is off to Turin in June, he’s a talented player and as we’re paying him we should be playing him, IMO. *Gets off soapbox*

Torreira: 5.5 (for Xhaka, 59)

Quiet, didn’t really steady the ship as much as we’d have liked. Kept things simple, which was something we struggled with today.

Bellerin: 5.5 (for Maitland-Niles, 69)

A welcome return for our Spanish Cockney, even if he didn’t have the marauding impact we wished he would’ve.