We love making this podcast! 

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(So why do we have a patreon page?)

The main podcast will always be free for everyone. It's something we enjoy doing and we never want to take your support for granted. As the podcast has grown, we've devoted more time and energy to making it a better show. We have additional segments we want to produce and special guests we want to recruit. Those efforts mean more time and resources need to be devoted. If you enjoy the podcast enough that you want to support the show on Patreon, that support helps us maintain our standards and (hopefully) improve over time. Patrons will get access to extra-special shows each month from a unique perspective, plus recordings of live shows and ad-free episodes. Whether you choose to sign up for our Patreon or not, we just want to emphasize how appreciative we are to have you as a listener!

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If you've already been so kind as to sign up for our Patreon, and need help getting Patreon podcast episodes to show up in your podcast player, we've created a complete guide for that.

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