Who are these crazy people you hear on the pod? 

The podcast has many wonderful contributors but the core group includes Elliot, Paul, Tim and Clive. Scott is our resident statistics expert. And of course there's the gaffer, Linus, who brought us all together.



You can block him on twitter @yankeegunner. The lunatic American who talks too fast and loves to interrupt. He sets the table for the real geniuses of the pod to do their work. Has an opinion or two and never shy about sharing.


The Irishman who always watches the games twice and never misses an opportunity to introduce some sexual innuendo. A true supporter through thick and thin and a survivor of the AKB-WOB wars.


An Englishman with an encyclopedic knowledge of the Arsenal and her history. Has attended every Arsenal game, home, away, men's, women's and youth, since 1886, or thereabouts.


A real live football coach and developer of talent. Known for his considered opinions and a voice that could make a wolverine purr.


Resident nerd of the podcast. Bay Area stats guru. In demand throughout the football analytics community but we saw him first. Find his great written work here.


The maestro. The gaffer. The main man. He used to introduce every pod before he grew too big for the job and moved upstairs. The brains and brawn behind Arsenal Vision.

I really like the Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast. But you, yes, you. Do you really like the Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast? Or just the Arsenal Vision Post Match Podcast with trophies?
— Dennis Bergkamp (Probably)

What We've Achieved

  • 2018 - The Digital Sport Best Football Podcast Fans’ Award.
  • Your love and affection.

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